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Welcome to Flame Tree Music offering simple access to an extensive, considered
range of chords and scales, for both guitar and keyboard.

Ukulele chords appear only on the basic chords highlighted in our Pick Up and Play Ukulele print book.

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Just type in a simple chord and try it out! The chords shown in red are FREE

We provide:

50 chords per key — see and hear each note

1st and 2nd positions for the guitar

Left hand/right hand suggestions for the keyboard

12 chords for each key are FREE! To access all the other chords you will need to register and pay a subscription fee — yeah, we know, but it helps us keep the site up-to-date...

Guitar BooksThe chords work as part of an integrated programe of printed books from FLAME TREE MUSIC, so if you’ve bought one of our new titles (ranging from The Beginner’s Guide to Reading Music, to Advanced Guitar Chords) you’ll find a code at the back which will give you access to a year’s free subscription.

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FLAME TREE MUSIC has created a series of best-selling, easy-to-use music books designed for players of all abilities and ages. Created for musicians, by musicians, these books offer a quick and practical resource for those playing on their own or with a band. They work equally well for the rock and indie musician as they do for the the jazz, folk, country, blues or classical enthusiast.
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